Kallia Kouroni (Greece) vs. Maya “Wyoning” Milenkovic (Serb)

WIBF Continental Title  61,24 kg / 135 lbs

Kallia  Kouroni (Greece) vs. Maya “Wyoning” Milenkovic (Serb)

This fight was boxed mainly in infight.

Wyoming with long straights and Kouroni with

action infights over 10 rounds.

At the end the result was 2:1 for Kallia  Kouroni.


Elina Tissen (Ger) vs. Jasmina Nadj (Serbia)

Münster, Germany 

Nov. 28th 2015: 

WIBF/GBU world title 57,15 kg / 126 lbs

Elina Tissen (Ger) vs. Jasmina Nadj (Serbia)

In this fight dominated Elina Tissen her opponent in every round. She had clean punches and hooks.

At the end the result was 3:0 for Tissen,

Elina Tissen

Özlem Sahin (Ger) vs. Gretchen Abaniel (Philippines)

Ludwigsburg, Germany 

Nov. 7th 2015:

WIBF/GBU world title 47,63 kg / 105 lbs

Özlem Sahin (Ger) vs.Gretchen Abaniel (Philippines)

Charity event for SOS Children’s Villages with TV and over 4000 spectators.

This was a brilliant fight of two top Women boxers.

Gretchen Abaniel was in front with super combinations and quick reactions and won the fight with split decicion 2:1.

New WIBF/GBU champion: Gretchen Abaniel